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Studies have shown that simply petting an animal can lower blood pressure and heart rate, and lessen anxiety and depression. Exposure to friendly pets can also play an important role in patient treatment and recovery by relieving feelings of loneliness and isolation thereby providing a distraction from persistent pain.

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  • Owner and friend Ralph and Kathy Thomas, first met Nellie Belle at a hotel in Salt Lake City and fell in love with her at first sight. Daughter Pam and her friend from Nebraska, drove Nellie to meet us "half-way" from Reno. She was adopted by Denise from a shelter and raised her for more than a year. Nellie was 2 when she came into our home. Her mother was a St. Bernard and her father a Standard Poodle. She is one of 6, but we do not know where her siblings us, she is one of a kind. She does not shed (poodle) and even though she has a "soft-mouth" she does not drool (St. Bernard). She is smart, knows everything you say. Nellie spends her days when not at work with Paws 4 Love, Renown Hospital, The Willows, Northwest Library and Paws 4 Passengers, sleeping at our front door and looking out the glass door for other dogs to go out and play. Nellie's stuffed animal in her mouth is her "trade mark". She is the best thing that has come into our life.

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